South Florida weather has delivered another gorgeous Spring Season for us nature-loving water-going folks. Boaters are buzzing back and forth along the ICW and shoreline, sunning on their decks and throwing fishing lines into the deep blue.  We are extraordinarily lucky here in South Florida to have the best of all worlds in terms of the abundance of amazing weather, plethora of sport-fishing opportunities, snorkelling and diving, and much more. Each time you come back from a fishing or romping trip, make sure to wash down your boat and equipment, and flush your engines with fresh water. This helps you keep the degrading quality of salt at bay – at least for a little while. Squeezed for time, or simply don’t feel like doing the work after a long day in the sun? Adrian’s Yacht Services is here to help. We recommend keeping your boat on a regular weekly or bi-weekly washing schedule, and applying compound and wax to your gelcoat every three to four months. Many yacht owners wax their boats on a monthly basis- this helps protect the substrate from the punishing sun and salt environment here in South Florida. We are happy to take these tedious tasks off your hands, so that you can go back to enjoying your piece of the heaven! Call or text us any time at 610-952-7095 to schedule service. Quotes are free – always, and you’ll get photos of the completed work! How does it get better than that?

Happy Boating Everyone!
Adrian’s Yacht Services Team