Basic Washdown

We use high-quality soap that is gentle on your fiberglass and tough on the dirt. This washdown is for all visible surfaces, including the rooftop, windows, decks, superstructure, and accessible sides of the hull. Metal polishing, stain removal, and cabinet cleaning is not included.

For boats 30′ and smaller:

Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly Seasonal
$3.00/ft $3.00/ft $80 min fee $4.00/ft+

For boats 31′ – 65′:

Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly Seasonal
$3.00/ft $3.00/ft $3.00/ft $4.50/ft+

For boats 65′- 110′:

Weekly Bi-Weekly Monthly Seasonal
$3.00/ft $4.5/ft custom custom

For vessels larger than 110ft in length, we charge per labor hour and can provide you with a free custom quote upon request.

Premium Washdown

A premium washdown includes the basic washdown as well as a thorough cleaning of all compartments, removal of stains and scuff marks, cleaning seats, and polishing metals.

Prices range between $5 and $8/ft.

Wash & Wax

First, your vessel will be carefully washed down to get rid of dust, dirt, and other residues that may inadvertently get caught in the gel coat. Then the entire boat will be polished to perfection with our highest quality waxing products. Regular waxing helps to protect the fiberglass of your vessel from the elements while keeping it looking new.

For boats up to 55ft:

Cost may range between $20 – $25/ft depending on the condition of your vessel.

Wash, Wax & Compound

When your gel coat and fiberglass have deteriorated due to the weathering effects of the sun, salt, and rain, it is necessary to first give the boat at least one layer of compounding. The compound acts by filling in the micropores of the gel coat, working to resolve minor scuff and scratch marks and even the tone of the polish. Sometimes, two or three rounds of compounding are necessary to complete the job. After, we apply our high-quality wax to the entire boat, polishing your windows and metals as we go. Finally, we complete a careful washing and drying of the entire vessel. You will be shocked to see your old boat look shinier and newer than the day you bought it!

For boats up to 45ft:

Cost may range between $26 – $35/ft depending on the condition of your vessel.

For boats 45 – 65ft:

Cost may range between $26 – $40/ft depending on the condition of your vessel.

For boats over 65ft in length:

The surface area of the boat becomes exponentionally bigger, so we cannot offer a set range, but will provide you with a free quote for the work upon seeing the vessel.

Hull – Wash & Wax

The hull wax and wash is assessed separately from the superstructure for yachts over 34 feet in length. Pricing depends on the condition of the gel coat/fiberglass.

Cabin Cleaning

Our standards for interior cleaning can be compared to those aboard the finest luxury yachts at sea. We take impeccable care of your interior siding, furnishings, floors, heads, and cabins. You will feel as though you are stepping aboard a brand new boat!

$30-$35 per hour, depending on the level of detail and state of cleanliness aboard.

Boat Management

You can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that while you are out of town or traveling abroad, your vessel is being closely monitored and cared for. We can comply with almost any request for care and maintenance needs for your vessel. Please do not hesitate to ask, as we are up to any task!

One-Time Weekly Bi-Weekly
Check-Up Visit $50.00 $45.00 $80.00
Emergency Visit $75.00
Start Engine $50.00
Meet with Mechanic/Other $45.00

Scheduling Servicing: A 10% service charge will be added to the final bill.

Provisions & Trip Concierge

Whether you are leaving for a day-long fishing trip, a weekend get-away, or a month-long trip around the islands, we are available to complete all your provisioning, stocking, and prepping before you touch off. Provisioning services include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing a chef for your trip or professionally pre-cooked meals
  • Cleaning your boat exterior
  • Detailed cleaning and prep of your cabin
  • Providing trip necessities such as toiletries, towels, and guest amenities
  • Shopping for fresh produce and stocking up on non-perishable items for your kitchen
  • Picking up frozen or prepared seafood and meat orders
  • Picking up alcohol and beverage orders
  • Stocking purchased items and food on your boat
  • Setting up coolers, chairs, and other items for your convenience and ease
  • Setting up cocktail hour with hors doeurves for you and your guests
  • Providing bartending and food service personnel
  • Setting up transportation to and from your boat
  • Unpacking luggage