Ceramic Coating has been a hot topic among boaters these last few years, and many are left wondering whether the fishermen’s tales about this wonderous product are true – and if the benefits justify sky-high costs.

We have taken our time introducing our chosen ceramic product and offering the service to our current customers. We wanted a couple of years to go by to test out the product and the market. After extensive research and trial, we have partnered up with Marine Nano Shops and implemented their signature product, Liquid Crystal Armour. This ceramic blend provides protection for multiple year periods depending on which coating you choose from, with only a 15% reduction or less in the first year followed by a loss of no more than 10% in the second year.

What is the approximate cost of applying ceramic coating?

The price of a 50ML bottle is approximately $100. A 30 ft center console would require about 4 bottles – which gives you two layers (the recommended amount) of protection. The cost of labor for the same boat is approximately $2400, which includes the additional materials necessary to perform the work (pads, buffers, compound, ceramic applicator pads, siliconic spray, etc). The cost grows almsot exponentially for boats over 35ft in length.

What kind of boats benefit the most from ceramic coatings?

We have found that boats with gelcoat surfaces, and especially fishing boats and center consoles benefit greatly from ceramic coatings. We would go so far as to say that all boats located here in South Florida would benefit from ceramic coating due to the extreme solar exposure in this region coupled with salt corrosion. In all of these cases, ceramic coating principally provides these benefits:

  • Protects the surfaces of the boat from deteriorating pre-maturely,
  • Slows the aging and degradation process of gelcoat,
  • Reduces physical deterioration of substrates, such as clearcoat or gelcoat in the sun
  • Provides more aerodynamic movement for boats with non-painted bottoms
  • Creates a less porous surface that is easier to clean after fishing trips or even regular boating trips